And it goes yeah, yeah, yeah

I have now tried six different kinds of beer/lager and so far only corona extra and mich ultra are the only two worth a crap. Care to know the dislikes? Bud Light, Grolsch Blonde Lager, Goose Island 312, and Goose Island Summertime. Vodka is my enemy too.

3 people viewed my blog today. wow. that’s a lot considering it’s a month old.

I have a turtle that is sick, I think? He escaped earlier but I found him crawling on a pair of my shorts about five feet from the tank. He is a fucking daredevil, he fell a good three feet to the ground and kept walking. I wonder if he tucked himself inside his shell about halfway down.

Something great happened last month. I got my appendix taken out. I know it’s not great but really it turned out to be because I wrote an entire script the week I was off work. I need surgery more often I think. 98 pages in 8 days is fucking insane. Anyway I’m all healed up and feeling wonderful.

I have watched the worst movies ever lately: An American Haunting, the Libertine, the Ringer, Pirates of the Caribbean 2. If you liked this movie than you obviously haven’t seen the first one that they took all the jokes from. It sucks cock. Not even Jonny Depp’s cock no it can’t even suck the leading actor’s cock it sucks Orlando Blooms cock and that’s pretty bad. You know how bad if you’ve seen Elizabethtown. The worst movie ever.

I have seen some good ones though: Cars(so so), Clifford(good for a kids movie), Superman Returns is fucking awesome. Go watch it right now because it’s the best movie of the summer. Brian Singer knows how to make a movie. Anyone else checking out Clerks 2 tomorrow? Do it.

I think that’s it.. Did I cover everything this month.. ovies, writing, humphrey, drinking. I think that’s everything. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy recovery and birthday. It’s means a little.

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