Everything Will Not Be Made Right.

I went to a Cardinal’s game and left early and then they came back and won.

The Fear Before cd is amazing as is the dear hunter cd. The new saosin sucks my balls.. and then licks them.

Jackass 2 is sweet and I ate it up. So is the matador.

I’ve wrote almost a whole script since my last update… almost. Getting closer. Page 73. It’s a horror movie. I never thought I would write a horror movie not because I don’t like them but mostly because I just think a lot of them are lame. I like some but most new ones are bad. (Except the descent) So I decided to write one except make it like horror movies of the past where there doesn’t have to be some retarded twist at the end where the audience can leave going wow I never saw that coming. Mine is a straight movie that is built to scare not make you think.. but I am adding elements to where people will be trying to figure out who is doing the killing only to realize that they spent to much time thinking about it and that it was right in front of them the whole time. Stupid ass audiences have no idea anymore.. their all so fucking retarded. They eat whatever the media throws at them. Anyway that’s all you get.. I don’t give out plot points or anything else. Come on you know the deal.

Metalocalypse and Venture Bros. are the shit when speaking of cartoons but for real Lucy the Daughter of the Devil is going to own all here before long.

I moved my turtle downstairs to try and get him some more sunlight. My room is darker than a goth kids journal. And well that doesn’t bid well for Humphrey Beau Turtle.

I’m out I think I’m going to Tony’s to get the shit picked out of me at Guitar Hero. Weak!

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