It Was Damn Good Plan.

XBox 360 + NHL 2k7 + 63″ LCD = God’s greatest gift ever!

Another thing I’m going to see Brand New tomorrow! It is going to be off the chain. For real.

I finished another script. The horror movie. Now I started reworking a different one that I had “finished” a while ago. It needs some work since it was the first script I ever wrote. A lot of the dialogue is choppy.

I dressed up as space ghost for halloween so I will put up some pictures of that eventually.

The new season of south park has been pretty lame.
Good Movies: Richard Pryor Live in Concert. Thank You For Smoking.
In-Between Movies: Over the Hedge.
Bad Movies: Slither. Art School Confidential. A Scanner Darkly. The Break-Up. The Baseketball Diaries. The Black Dahlia.

The +44 cd leaked it’s great.
The Prize Fighter Inferno cd is pretty weak though.

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