I’m Heaven Sent, Don’t You Dare Forget

I can’t get the advanced blog editor on safari. So I just get the basic crap. Oh wait. No one cares about that.

I got a new haircut. It is short short like short and maybe even a little shorter. I’ll get a pic up one of these days.

I got a ps3 and sold it. Paypal is jerking me around about the money though. But we will come out on top. Eventually.

My blogs are so rediculous and non-specific to anything at all. I just type the most random crap I think of that sort of involve things that are going on in my life and usually leave out about 1/2 of the story because I don’t figure you need to hear it because my personal business.
Like I could tell you that I’m working on a new project and that I think it’s pretty neat. But that is all I would tell you and I wouldn’t mention what the project is and why I think it’s neat and who is involved in it and what not. And also because I am only half way through the book I’m reading right now. So therefore you are only entitled to half of what I have to say.

Anyway I saw brand new on november 1 and it was the bomb diggity. (What the hell did I just type.) For real though. It had been a good while since I had been to a show and this one was so worth the money and everything. Great stuff.

Cute Movie: Little Miss Sunshine
OK Movie’s: Babel – I Fucking Shot That
I didn’t Like: Flushed Away – Shopgirl – Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
Good Movie’s: Borat – Match Point – Lucky Number Slevin – Murderball

On 360 I beat Marvel: Ultimate Alliance & Superman Returns: The Video Game but I just keep getting destroyed on NHL 2K7 online but oh well.

It’s supposed to snow like six inches here overnight. Sweet, I have to work at seven am.

Everyone got their X-Mas lists?

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