Fearing conversation..

My throat has been incredibly un-controllable the last week.  I’m not sure how I even moved a couple of the days as I could barely breathe.  So the updates to both of the sites have been really slow on my end, thankfully some of the others are helping out on PDFSP.  Today I feel better though, but it will probably be back with a force tomorrow.  Seems like it’s on one day, off the next.  Plus the Blues game tonight probably won’t help matters.  I have so much stuff that I need to get done including Christmas shopping.  Writing always seems to be the thing that is put on the back burner.  

I am 6 letters down on my next project for PDFSP, which means that I am really behind and have to basically do a letter a day for it to be done by the new year(my personal deadline/goal).  Not to mention everything else that needs to be ready for the launch of PDFSP 2.0.  Ahhh.

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