Don’t sit next to me, I’m not the man I used to be.

I went to a special “Bring Your Dad to School to do Math” thing at Kiara’s school. It was actually fun. We laughed at a kid who spilled OJ on himself and had a good time.

Played a great prank on my parents. They totally fell for it. Had a girl go to their house with my sisters baby and say that it was my kid.

Which means my sister is home with her baby which is awesome! My first voluntary contact with an infant.

And she gave us her trampoline!

Kiara played her own “prank” on my dad and stole his tightie whities.

We went to Fairview for a night for Kiara’s B-Day and stayed in a hotel which means we had to test out the beds.

And the Easter Bunny somehow knew that she was in our hotel room.

We went to Build a Bear and let Kiara pick out whatever she wanted and then we swam in the pool at the hotel and the next day we went to play mini-golf and drive go karts and we went to Chuck E Cheese which was a great time.

Kiara’s B-Day party was the following weekend and it went pretty well. She got a crap load of stuff and had a good time.

I promise next month to have pics of what has changed in the house. I suck at remembering to do things like take pictures.

Here’s some more random random pics.

I forgot I had my DVD collection online. It’s a bit outdated (probably a year or so) but here it is.

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