You don’t know yourself, how could I know you?

So the last blog was on June 18th. Since then I’ve turned 27 which wasn’t much of a thing but Stefanie did make me some delicious cupcakes flavored to be like Blue Moon.

Then Stefanie graduated LPN and got pinned and I am super proud of her!

Then we went down to Clearwater for my brothers wedding where Stefanie and Penelope got all caught up on sleep.

Then we got some time with the saltwater which is just gross.

Kiara found a new pet for a day or so. Believe it or not the leash did work.

Then it was time for the wedding which was fast and quick like all weddings should be.

The kids got to ride a horse which I guess is a big deal if you’re a kid.

We got some good pictures of us and the kids taken over the summer as well.

Which I think brings us up to October which means my wife and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary which is a total shocker to all of us including me. Just kidding. It’s been great and she is great and I’m so happy that is has only been 3 years because that means we have many more years together.

I got to meet a huge inspiration as well. The creator of Pearls Before Swine which I have loved ever since it started showing up in the STL Post. Super nice guy and it was at a bar which is just the best thing ever because that means that I got to spend an awesome night with my wife.

Before Halloween we went to a pumpkin patch to get pumpkins to carve.

We dressed up as the best 4 person group ever for Halloween.

Have you ever wondered what books are on my book shelf? Well now you know. Anything girly is my wife’s.

Then here is some other random pics.

Also, the new Circa Survive album Violent Waves is my pick for album of the year. It’s fantastic.

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