Top 5 Albums 2013

1. The Things We Think We’re Missing by Balance and Composure
I love hard driving rock and now that Mov Mou have moved on to new things this band has taken over that spot in my heart. No album has been listened to more in the past year than this one.
Listen to: Parachutes

2. Talon of the Hawk by The Front Bottoms
I had never heard of this band until Stef took me to see AGBPOL for my birthday and we decided to stick around and drink while this band played. For never hearing any of their songs, they blew me away. Fun live show and the crowd sung along to every word. It’s definitely reminiscent of some of my favorite older emo bands.
Listen to: Twin Sized Mattress

3. Bankrupt! by Phoenix
I hadn’t given this album an honest go since not falling for it on first listen. While I don’t think all the songs are keepers like Wolfgang, I think there is more good than bad. I am a fan of their slower songs and this one offers a few of them as well as the catchy pop stuff that got them big.
Listen to: Bourgeois

4. You’re Always on My Mind by A Great Big Pile of Leaves
I don’t think there is a band that makes me happier than this one. Anytime their music is on, I just feel better. This record is no different. Full of summertime jams and songs about food and mice and anything that no other band sings about.
Listen to: Anything by this band.

5. All Human – Catholic Guilt Or The Queerest Of Toughts
The guitarist/singer from Fear Before doing a solo thing. What could be wrong with that? Nothing. No screaming. No problem.
Listen to: We’re Alive and Well

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