I’ve been wasting, I’ve been away, it’s not that bad, most days.

Which brings us up to the entire 2014 year which just kind of happened. I don’t remember much from it, no vacation or anything like that. Stef became an RN which was pretty cool.

We had to deal with Penelope learning how to apply make-up.


Kiara had a Minecraft birthday party which was a smashing success.IMG_0362 In May we had Jocee and she’s pretty neat.IMG_0507 IMG_0808 Penelope’s birthday party was a Studio 50 and she enjoyed it even though no one showed up.IMG_0862 I also got into collecting screen prints this year. This one is my favorite of the bunch. IMG_1028 IMG_3536 IMG_3686 There was also a lot of sleeping this past year. Having a baby makes napping a necessity although Penelope has always had her own sleeping style.IMG_4156 IMG_4175 We took Penelope to her first movie theater experience. The Lego Movie. She dug it. IMG_4653 This one was taken at Izac’s birthday party.IMG_4890 A couple more cool Durieux screen prints from this year. The Durieux show is what got me into this in the first place so blame him.IMG_5039 IMG_5043 We had the pool up all summer and I think the girls managed to swim in it 3 times due to the temps not being hot enough.IMG_5213 Did I mention we are big sleepers?IMG_5223 I think this was taken during my birthday date. Not sure what’s wrong with my face. But my wife is still pretty.IMG_5250 The annual July 4th pool party.IMG_5313 3 Little Sleepers.IMG_5338 IMG_5747 The girls pictures from the fall session are pretty adorable.IMG_5797 The napping couch.IMG_5896 There’s a sly smile behind that giraffe.IMG_5929 Blues game!IMG_5939 Matching Glow in the Dark halloween shirts.IMG_6011 I could stare at those eyes all day!IMG_6270


Oh.. and we sold our house. We are supposed to close on it on January 9th which is a few days away so we have been packing like crazy over the last week. Packing sucks.

Hopefully by this time next year we will be in a warmer better location!

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