There’s no good in your eyes anymore.

We made it!

We now inhabit San Marcos, Texas. Well, we have for nearly a week now. It’s a great little place. We have a nice apartment that is in a gated community and we live next to everything. No more hour long trips to get to a target or a mall. It’s all right there (pointing over my shoulder.) I will never drive another 24′ moving truck though. That was rough.

It reminds me a lot of when I lived in Orlando but even now, I am closer to things than I was there. Stef starts her new job Monday. I have yet to actively attempt to get a job. But I will soon. There seems to be plenty of opportunities.

This already feels like a blog post that a reporter would find after my family was all murdered by some crazy guy. “A Family That Just Moved To The Area Leaves Uplifting Blog Behind”

Hopefully getting that out there will jinx that from happening.

We are all settled in now though. Just a few more things to drop off at storage but we got the new table all set up yesterday so we have somewhere to eat. Kiara has her Minecraft set up. Penelope has cartoons and youtube. Jocee has Stefanie’s boobs. Stefanie has warm weather. I have this idiot box that I’m typing into.

So let’s see what I have here from the last 6 months to post here.

Being silly.


This is the last picture I have of Butters. He ran away after we moved. In a turn of good news. Our old neighbor let us know that he turned up and he is feeding him.


Stef took the girls to her moms over spring break. Here they are at some theme park in front of a cool snake bush.


Penelope got a new 4 wheeler that we didn’t have room to bring so it is in Illinois.

Stef got the girls pictures taken in March. They turned out good.


Penelope played T-Ball and really liked it. Can’t wait until next season.

Jocee turned 1. Stef’s friend Katie made these adorable cakes.



Jocee loved my sisters cat. We went to visit her family and my grandparents before we moved down here.


Stef and I went to the bahamas and enjoyed some us time. This was the view from our beach front room. It was nice. We got a great deal through Groupon.


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