If it’s not you in my heart, I don’t want to carry it on.

First blog since September. Besides pictures or videos, I guess.

In that time I got a job, quit a job, got a new job, got a house, fell in love with my wife again (it happens nearly every day.)

My new job is stay at home dad. It has good hours, little pay and no benefits. Unless hanging out with your awesome kids is a benefit? It definitely is. Plus Stef is usually working 3 nights a week so we have 4 days to hang out together which is more time than we’ve ever had so yeah, there are some benefits.

The house is coming together slowly. Don’t have enough money to do all the stuff we want but slowly we will get it there. Stef has been painting here and there and it’s looking good. The kids have mostly destroyed the cheap-o wood floors with their scooters and cars but it’s okay. I’d trade their happiness for some scratched floors any day.

The town we live in has a drafthouse which is pretty great. I like that I can go there and take a break and have a drink. Plus they regularly have pint glasses that tie in with movies so that’s awesome.

We have season passes this year for Six Flags instead of the water park so the kids will get some use out of those. We already went once for K’s birthday. She’s 13 now, which seems a little too old for me. That’s nearly half of me!

Stef and I went and saw David Cross do stand up in Austin last week. I saw him do a Mr. Show live show back in 2009 when Stefanie and I first got together so it was nice to see his solo set as well.

Let’s see what pictures I have to talk about.

Penelope turned 5 in September. We went to some fun place to celebrate but I can’t remember what it was called.


In October we went to a pumpkin patch place that wasn’t much of a pumpkin patch. More of a tourist place with kiddy games.


In October we also lost our 2nd car to the floods. Luckily insurance covered it.


The girls dressed as Jake the Pirate and a monster for Halloween.


The rivers around here make for some cool places to hang out.


Jocee got to do her first Easter egg hunt and she was more interested in the candy than the eggs obviously.


Also her first year being able to have fun coloring eggs.


Penelope is playing t-ball again this year. Getting better every game!


The Six Flags here knows how to use the natural rock to make a pretty landscape.


My family is good looking.


Jocee’s firs trip to the dentist. She was only moderately scared.


That’s about all for now I think. I’m bad at this.

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