As we kiss hard on the lips and swear this year will be better than the last.

2017 year in review and goals for 2018.
I never make goals for the year but maybe if I put it in writing… on a public place then I will actually attempt to carry them through? Only one way to find out…

But first, I didn’t blog much in 2017. I was not in that sort of mindset most of the year. I have videos of the kids to edit and post including the year end family video that I do every year.

I started classes in July that took up a good amount of my time. I finished 6 in that one semester so for the first term of ’18 I’d like to up that and finish 7. I don’t know when I’ll have time to do videos and school but I plan on trying to work on one or the other each day even if only for a bit. But I also started subbing as well so again, there should be 25 hours in a day.

We went to Big Bend National Park and really enjoyed it so I’d like to visit another National Park at some point this year.

We spent a lot of time camping last summer and having fun at the beach and water park so I’d like to continue that tradition as well. My girls are beach babes and have converted me into a beach dude. I love them.

Which brings me to another one, positivity. Feel like I’ve always been bordering more on pessimist or a realist and for my kids sake I want to try to have a better outlook. Not that it is bad being a realist but being positive seems to just make everyone more optimistic and brighter and that’s cool with me.

Another thing I attempted last year that I want to get back to is being on my phone less and less. Taking it and leaving it on the charger during the evening is a good thing and I need to make a better effort to do that.

I’d like to fit in some exercise as well. I worked out more in ’17 than I had since I was 21. I lost a lot of weight and then fell off of it once I started school. I need to get a schedule or something so that I can fit all of the things I want to accomplish this year but I assume I will just wing it and finish up parts of what I want to do like usual.

2017 favorites: Music: Menzingers: After the Party, Prawn: Run
Movies: Check this thread
TV Shows: Big Little Lies, Curb Your Enthusiasm S9, Fargo S3, Halt and Catch Fire Final Season, Master of None S2, Vice Principals

Like calendars dying
At New Year’s Eve parties
As we kiss hard on the lips
And swear this year
Will be better than the last

Here’s a few pictures from Big Bend and when we went home in May for my mom’s 50th birthday.

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