Would you believe it? Family man now.

Continuing on from my last blog. Catching up over the last year or so. Scrap book style:

Those are baby Sea Turtles. One of our trips to the beach they were releasing some back into the wild and we got to see it. So cool!

Penelope got the Future Leader award at her class award ceremony. I was not a proud parent, not one bit.

When we went to Big Bend with my parents Penelope fell into some quick sand. The look of terror on her face was something I’ll never forget.
We went to the Mondo Art Gallery for their Disney art show. They had face painting and some other neat stuff for the kids.
The girls hanging in the hammock. I think Penelope had more than a handful of hair styles over the year.
Took Penelope to see The Last Jedi. Alamo had a cool set up for pictures.
Our trees aren’t very big and in Texas there really aren’t season per se. I am pretty sure this was taken in December or January because that’s when we actually had enough leaves to make a pile.
If we made music this would be our cover art I’m pretty sure.
I think this was when we out to eat for my birthday but I won’t swear to it.
Not sure I can properly explain this one. There are no words.
Dug a pit and made a beach fire for s’mores.
First day of school in August.
Penelope was BB-8 for Halloween.
It snowed in Texas!

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