Time’s getting away and we’re so slow to see how fast it goes.

Not a lot happening over the last month or so. Been trying to stay busy with school work.  Finished another class in March and working through another now. Still on track with my goal of 7 classes for this term.

Here are some random pics.

Jocee and Nezz just lounging.
We took the girls to an AHL hockey game in early March. It was a good time.
This is a picture of how crazy Jocee’s hair is in the morning. It is just as messy as one of her dolls.
We got a new hammock so this was day one testing it out.
We have been trying some breweries around us finally after living here for 2 years. The first was Ruggedman. They had some okay beers. This is their Machinegun Stout. Also had their BA version and it was decent too. Not the best of either variety but still good.
The other was Faust. Which we go to their restaurant regularly but had never been to the brewery. Good mix of stuff there though.

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