Postcard 3/13/23

Media Consumed
Podcasts – Fly on the Wall Zach Galifianakis – I didn’t realize how much I missed hearing from Zach Galifianakis until he was on a recent Doug Loves Movies (also recommend that) and this. Both episodes are really funny and it reminds me of how quirky and silly his sense of humor is.
Puck Soup Deadline Fallout: New Philly, This is Important Ep 125

Movies –
Dances With Wolves – I’d never seen this and have recently been selling off a lot of my physical media and this was one I was listing so figured I would watch it before selling. Enjoyed it and it worked out to where my youngest wanted to watch Avatar because her friends were talking about it so I got to do a re-watch of that to see if the comparison are really that warranted.
Avatar – Still meh on it and the comparisons don’t hold a lot of water to me besides some very broad strokes.
Operation Fortune – Guy Ritchie seems to be making the same movie over and over again with varying degrees of success. This one didn’t work for me as well as Wrath of Man or The Gentlemen did though.
Knock at the Cabin – It was fine. I think I’ve already forgot most of it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Television –
South Park – S26 E3 & E4 – While the Japanese Toilet episode did have it’s moments especially in calling out corporations I really think the ChatGPT episode was a great episode that had all the marks of what makes the show great. Meta, funny, all the characters, etc.
Party Down – S3 E3 – Good episode that didn’t quite live up to the first 2 in my opinion.
95th Academy Awards
Finally, tonight is the big night in Hollywood. A pretty great year for movies, no? I haven’t seen all the films so I can’t really make any predictions but of the Best Picture nominees I will put them in order of how much I like them or just how much I would prefer the filmmakers to win.

WOMEN TALKING – This isn’t my favorite movie of the year but I did like it quite a bit and I think Polley is one of the most underrated filmmakers working. Take This Waltz is incredible and if you haven’t seen it then you should.

EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE – love the daniels. Didn’t totally love this movie the way a lot of people did but, I did love Swiss Army Man the way most people love this movie. So if they can’t win for that one, then win for this one.

THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN – Loved the first half of this movie. Didn’t love the last half. But still an original movie that is great.

TOP GUN: MAVERICK – Movie rules. Is it the best overall film? maybe not but seen it multiple times now and it keeps delivering.

ELVIS – Enjoyable, big, the king, bloated, great performance, not the best movie.

THE FABELMANS – Love Spielberg and love parts of this but goodness, there was some choices in this film that didn’t work for me.

TÁR – Great movie. Great performance. Will never watch it again.

TRIANGLE OF SADNESS – Enjoyed his previous work but this didn’t work for me.

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