If it’s not you in my heart, I don’t want to carry it on.

First blog since September. Besides pictures or videos, I guess.

In that time I got a job, quit a job, got a new job, got a house, fell in love with my wife again (it happens nearly every day.)

My new job is stay at home dad. It has good hours, little pay and no benefits. Unless hanging out with your awesome kids is a benefit? It definitely is. Plus Stef is usually working 3 nights a week so we have 4 days to hang out together which is more time than we’ve ever had so yeah, there are some benefits. Continue reading If it’s not you in my heart, I don’t want to carry it on.

I’m getting close to who I want to be for you.

At the end of my last blog I said we were supposed to close on selling our house on January 9th. That fell through. We ended up packing up everything and putting it in storage and moving in with my parents at the end of December assuming the house sale would go through. Then it didn’t but instead of moving everything back in we just left the house on the market and stayed with my parents. Then we did sell the house for a higher offer in March. I think we closed at the end of March.

My last day at US Sonet is coming up. June 18th. Stefanie got a job in San Antonio and we are moving. Well first we are going to the Bahamas for a couple days and then we are moving. I will miss that people that I have grown to known while at Sonet though. I was there for 4 years and there were plenty of headaches (as there are with all jobs) but there was also a lot of good memories. I mean that is how I ended up liking Austin so much in the first place when I went there for a work trip a few years ago. I learned a ton from that job and I will be forever grateful to have had it.

I’ll be back hopefully after the move with some pictures and such from the first 6 months of the year and just a general update on if we made it to Texas alive or if the chainsaw massacred us.

I’ve been wasting, I’ve been away, it’s not that bad, most days.

Which brings us up to the entire 2014 year which just kind of happened. I don’t remember much from it, no vacation or anything like that. Stef became an RN which was pretty cool.

We had to deal with Penelope learning how to apply make-up.

Continue reading I’ve been wasting, I’ve been away, it’s not that bad, most days.

Don’t sit next to me, I’m not the man I used to be.

I went to a special “Bring Your Dad to School to do Math” thing at Kiara’s school. It was actually fun. We laughed at a kid who spilled OJ on himself and had a good time.

Played a great prank on my parents. They totally fell for it. Had a girl go to their house with my sisters baby and say that it was my kid.

Which means my sister is home with her baby which is awesome! My first voluntary contact with an infant.

And she gave us her trampoline!

Kiara played her own “prank” on my dad and stole his tightie whities.

We went to Fairview for a night for Kiara’s B-Day and stayed in a hotel which means we had to test out the beds.

And the Easter Continue reading Don’t sit next to me, I’m not the man I used to be.

Am I wrong to assume every woman is just like you?

Blew through the tax money with profound quickness. Bought a new bed, had carpet installed in two rooms, have to get new plumbing for outside the house, paid off the credit card, bought some new stuff for the house and that’s it. Gone like that. Pics soon, still working on decorating. (Curtains, walls, etc.)

If you aren’t watching the Ricky Gervais Show then you are missing out on some really funny banter.

My team won at the SCHS Booster trivia night. Some of that shit was hard but we managed to beat a table full of teachers and educated folk.

Watched Le Mepris(Contempt) this weekend for what will surely be the first of many times. What a great great film. I halfway enjoy Godard films before this one but wow, it just feels like every word spoken was pulled out of a relationship and not too mention the stuff about film making is just great. So, I go to see about buying the Criterion of it and of course it’s out of print and now Studio Canal has the rights to it? What the fuck, Criterion? Really starting to piss me off with all these teases. First you said it was gonna be a blu-ray just like Ran and then you yank them both and gay ass Studio Canal puts out shit ass versions of them… Thanks.

Stefanie is chugging along just fine if you are wondering. As it sits right now she is 15 weeks and barely starting to show. It’s a cute little pouch on her belly. Also, I have some videos of Kiara that I need to get around to editing to post for people as well.

Been getting a lot of e-mails from people who used to be members on the forum at PDF Screenplays. I have sent you all the same reply back that is copied below. I don’t have time to sit and chat with each and everyone of you so sorry to say but you get a lame ass reply but it’s mostly true.

I am planning on getting a ton of e-mails just like yours from the members of the site. Truth is, Continue reading Am I wrong to assume every woman is just like you?