…I Will Melt Your Heart Again.

I missed this pic in the last blog post.

Just look at that face…

Stef and I spent a good night out Friday night and went to see Moving Mountains. It was an enjoyable evening. First concert I’ve been to in a good while and it was fun to get to spend an evening away from the kids. Still feel like a boring old man though because my ears haven’t stopped ringing since…

Don’t forget the nights when it all felt so right.

After uploading that video the other day I realized it had been many months since I said anything.

Penelope is getting so big and should be well on her way of taking over the world anytime now, or at least, walking all over it. Here’s some pics.

We are currently planning Kiara’s 8th Birthday party. It should be fun.

I finally signed up for netflix. The streaming option on PS3’s, Continue reading Don’t forget the nights when it all felt so right.

Top 5 Albums 2010

5. Beach House – Teen Dream
Easily the best put me to sleep music I have ever heard.

4. Lydia – Assailants
Lydia announced that they were releasing this and then calling it quits. It took me a few listens but it eventually grew on me big time.

3. A Great Big Pile of Leaves – Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex?
I’ve been absolutely in love with this band ever since The Fiery Works came out and their first big full-length does not disappoint. Bouncing good tunes.

2. My Epic – Yet
I continue to be amazed at this religious rock group. Their first album, I Am Undone, is still one of the best front to back rock albums to hit the indie scene and this follow-up is almost just as good.

1. PMtoday – In Medias Res
PMtoday’s first album, And Then Came a Hurricane, took me by storm and became my mantra for a good year or so. That’s essentially what has happened with this album as well. Nearly every damn song is relatable to me in some way. It just connects and the musicianship is of this band is so underrated.

Nothing new to say, Nothing to report ’cause the future happened yesterday.

Note: Starting writing this blog in August so it’s partly outdated.

In better news, Stefanie is chugging along just fine. We got another pic of the baby girl at 32 weeks. Here it is – (BTW, that’s placenta covering her face)

I have seen so many movies since I last blogged. Most not worth mentioning about but here’s a few. Toy Story 3, holy shit, best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Pixar did knock this one out of the park. (Edit: How to Train Your Dragon is just as good) Inception, overrated and not as good as it should have been. DREAM BIGGER! George Washington, I had never seen Green’s first feature and I suck for not having seen it. It’s fantastic and well worth your time. Cannibal Holocaust, what the fuck is wrong with people? This movie is so out there that I don’t really know how fucked up you could have been to even make it. Bizarre, bizarre film. A Quiet Little Marriage is a pretty great little flick. Iron Man 2, Expendables, Robin Hood, Scott Pilgrim, Splice are all forgettable. Rabbit Hole is good, as is Un Prophet.

I still highly recommend the new A Great Big Pile of Leaves album. Seriously, great stuff.

Breaking Bad might be the best show ever made. If you have never seen it, then I suggest just starting at the beginning and letting the world suck you in. It’s so fucking amazing. Thank you Vince Gilligan.

Still writing articles for the Nashville Screen Writers Conference. Check them out Here.

If you are reading this looking for an update on PDF Screenplays then Continue reading Nothing new to say, Nothing to report ’cause the future happened yesterday.

I’m unsure what makes man, but I’m lacking something evident.

Went to a Cardinal’s game. Got free 12th row tickets. Pretty great seats.

Also saw pmtoday sometime in there, they were pretty good even though they played maybe one song I wanted to see. I’ve been listening to the new A Great Big Pile of Leaves album and I fucking love it. I highly recommend it.

I ran over a tiny baby bunny in the back yard while mowing and then found three more. They are God Damned adorable, too bad I’m allergic to some of the cutest animals on the planet.

We also found out we are having a female. She will be named Penelope. Here’s a gross little picture of her. Continue reading I’m unsure what makes man, but I’m lacking something evident.

Am I wrong to assume every woman is just like you?

Blew through the tax money with profound quickness. Bought a new bed, had carpet installed in two rooms, have to get new plumbing for outside the house, paid off the credit card, bought some new stuff for the house and that’s it. Gone like that. Pics soon, still working on decorating. (Curtains, walls, etc.)

If you aren’t watching the Ricky Gervais Show then you are missing out on some really funny banter.

My team won at the SCHS Booster trivia night. Some of that shit was hard but we managed to beat a table full of teachers and educated folk.

Watched Le Mepris(Contempt) this weekend for what will surely be the first of many times. What a great great film. I halfway enjoy Godard films before this one but wow, it just feels like every word spoken was pulled out of a relationship and not too mention the stuff about film making is just great. So, I go to see about buying the Criterion of it and of course it’s out of print and now Studio Canal has the rights to it? What the fuck, Criterion? Really starting to piss me off with all these teases. First you said it was gonna be a blu-ray just like Ran and then you yank them both and gay ass Studio Canal puts out shit ass versions of them… Thanks.

Stefanie is chugging along just fine if you are wondering. As it sits right now she is 15 weeks and barely starting to show. It’s a cute little pouch on her belly. Also, I have some videos of Kiara that I need to get around to editing to post for people as well.

Been getting a lot of e-mails from people who used to be members on the forum at PDF Screenplays. I have sent you all the same reply back that is copied below. I don’t have time to sit and chat with each and everyone of you so sorry to say but you get a lame ass reply but it’s mostly true.

I am planning on getting a ton of e-mails just like yours from the members of the site. Truth is, Continue reading Am I wrong to assume every woman is just like you?