Chicago Trip

Adam and I went to Chicago last weekend to take in a live Bob and David show at the Lakeshore Theatre.  After waiting out in the rain for a half hour later than doors were supposed to open we finally got in and were seated by an usher in the 4th row.  Thanks for that, guy!  No, we didn’t buy 4th row seats but we sure as shit took them like we did!  Here’s the view of the stage from our seats.  But first we had some delicious Chipotle.

Me in my seat.

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Shake It Out

What a fucking roller coaster week. I don’t really know where to start or end so I guess I will just do a day by day run down.

Sunday: Much to the dismay of my parents and a lot of people I broke up with Kara. It was coming and I think I’m the only one who knew it so sorry to everyone who liked her. I couldn’t deal with it anymore. When you’re minds made up, it’s made up, and mine was made up.

Monday: Relatively quiet. Just dealing with all the people asking why and so forth that always comes with break-ups. Whatever.

Tuesday: Starting talking to Stefanie. I had worked with her long ago but never really talked to her. So, I did, now we are a couple. I was trying to keep it quiet because I knew Kara would freak out and other people would say Stefanie was the reason we broke up which is completely ridiculous and untrue. Then came Wednesday.

Wednesday: Apparently Stefanie had dated a fucking crazy retard named Eric whom can’t get over her and he decided to drive his brother out to her house so he could throw a wheel barrel(Yes, a fucking wheel barrel) through my back window. Then I guess since we didn’t know it had happened he decided to come back and attempt to slash my tires. He succeeded to get two of the four while I was standing no more than 30 feet away. For some reason his eyes don’t work I guess because we were standing right fucking there. So anyway, obviously the cops found him and arrested him. But my car is still fucked. Here’s a pic.

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