Am I wrong to assume every woman is just like you?

Blew through the tax money with profound quickness. Bought a new bed, had carpet installed in two rooms, have to get new plumbing for outside the house, paid off the credit card, bought some new stuff for the house and that’s it. Gone like that. Pics soon, still working on decorating. (Curtains, walls, etc.)

If you aren’t watching the Ricky Gervais Show then you are missing out on some really funny banter.

My team won at the SCHS Booster trivia night. Some of that shit was hard but we managed to beat a table full of teachers and educated folk.

Watched Le Mepris(Contempt) this weekend for what will surely be the first of many times. What a great great film. I halfway enjoy Godard films before this one but wow, it just feels like every word spoken was pulled out of a relationship and not too mention the stuff about film making is just great. So, I go to see about buying the Criterion of it and of course it’s out of print and now Studio Canal has the rights to it? What the fuck, Criterion? Really starting to piss me off with all these teases. First you said it was gonna be a blu-ray just like Ran and then you yank them both and gay ass Studio Canal puts out shit ass versions of them… Thanks.

Stefanie is chugging along just fine if you are wondering. As it sits right now she is 15 weeks and barely starting to show. It’s a cute little pouch on her belly. Also, I have some videos of Kiara that I need to get around to editing to post for people as well.

Been getting a lot of e-mails from people who used to be members on the forum at PDF Screenplays. I have sent you all the same reply back that is copied below. I don’t have time to sit and chat with each and everyone of you so sorry to say but you get a lame ass reply but it’s mostly true.

I am planning on getting a ton of e-mails just like yours from the members of the site. Truth is, Continue reading Am I wrong to assume every woman is just like you?

I’m happily pretending I am perfect…

Recorded the first podcast in over 3 months last night. I have to say I think it went pretty well. We did a couple scripts first and then had a call-in guest for the 3rd one. We seemed to riff with each other well, but then again, I might go to edit it all and realize it’s complete shit and I shouldn’t have drank as much before we began. Look for a new podcast episode in the next couple weeks though. I’m not going to put a time frame on them anymore. I learned that when you try to do something like that every week that the quality really starts to suffer. So from now, there will only be new podcast episodes as I have the time to record/edit/upload them. Which of course will only happen when I have time to sit and read scripts as well.

Two weeks until the big day. Can’t say that I am not super fucking excited about it. Got some engagement pictures taken and I think they are pretty awesome. No nervousness yet, wonder when that is going to kick in. Maybe this will prove that I’m not as laid back as I think I am…

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Do not say mean things if you don’t mean them.

Hey all!  I’m getting married!  Yep, I proposed on Saturday.  I found the right girl for me and I feel no reason to waste anytime.  I’ve never felt this way about a girl before so it only feels right that this is the next step.  Here are some pics from recent weeks and of the ring.  Working out wedding details now.

At the bar. Fun times.

Also, buy the new Weatherbox(the Cosmic Drama), it’s awesome like all the music he makes.

Still waiting on the other shelf for the rest of the DVDs. The shelf now has A-R on features and live action. The shelf that will go on the right side will hold S-Z, animation, and blu-rays. The shelf is huge and makes Adam’s 50″ TV look tiny.

We Learn As We Grow

About a month since my last update. The last house fell through. Well, we kind of just decided we were done dealing the bank. We have put an offer on a new house and are dealing with a different bank now. So far they seem to be nicer and actually interested in doing business. It could all change of course but as of now we are looking at getting a better house for cheaper.

Started a new portfolio/resume/writing type site that is strictly for my writings and such. You can find it at

It was not an easy decision to make to take down the old review site but it was pretty obvious that nobody involved with it had time anymore. I would like to thank everyone who came to it and posted comments and made it fun for the over a year it was alive. Now it’s time to actually try to sell myself though.

What does it take to get a drink in this place?

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All forms are completed. Finalize on the house on Friday. I’m finally starting to get excited. I don’t know why but up until now it seemed as if it wasn’t real. You have to wait for so much shit to go through that you just start to lose hope that anything will ever happen and then at the very last minute it all gets thrown in your face. We need these forms and that tax information and other shit like that. Buying a house is one of the shittiest things I think you can ever do. It’s just a fucking bitch to go through the process. It’s so much more than just, “I like that house, I want that house.” And by time you are right in the middle of the process you realize that you would rather have just never started it. By then it’s too fucking late of course. Oh well, like I said, now I am starting to get excited and living in the moment of giving all my money away. Gonna be so broke for the first couple months. Ugh.

In other news, oh wait, there isn’t any other news. Just been packing and it’s been really fucking hot here. First thing I’m going to do inside the new house, crank up the A mother fucking C.
My dad is the thermostat nazi. We can’t turn the AC on until the dogs are having trouble breathing never-mind the kids who can’t sleep at night.