and I Wish I could Inspire

Finished the first draft. What a fucking relief. Got some amazing notes back already too which will only improve the final product. Plan on submitting it into a contest just to see what happens. Not something recommended for a first draft but oh well. Gotta start somewhere.

Gonna take a break from writing for a bit and focus on actually making the bank get on with letting me buy a house. I swear, never use a huge corporate bank for anything. It’s impossible to talk to the people that you actually need to talk to you. I have talked to 3 different people now about the loan. Because of course, for some reason, they don’t really have loan specialist at their branches. She has to send it in to corporate who is on Eastern time which fucks up all kinds of things. Then it gets moved to someone in Dallas. So the number the lady on the east coast gives me of course is disconnected. So I have to call a corporate office and give her name so they can redirect me to her mind you, still don’t have her number since they connected me to her. Left a message a week and half ago and have still not heard anything in return. So tomorrow I plan on going in and going Balls Out on the lady at my branch. Seriously folks, use a local bank.

One of my favorite web-sites went down this week. will be sadly missed by me. The best place on the web for new music is no more.

Just finished a script for the podcast tomorrow. I didn’t like it. It’s called Pierre Pierre and is set to star Jim Carrey.

And seriously, I got incredibly too wasted last night. I think that might be why I am blogging. Maybe I should drink more often. Anyway, that’s all I got for now.