We’ve come so far for this. And all things missed left behind to build this.

Disney World Family Vacation 2013 (I’ll have a normal blog coming soon…)

I’m not entirely sure how this trip was even brought up. I think it was just a spur the moment, “you know, if we are going to go to Disney World, we should do it before Kiara gets too old to enjoy it.” And then a couple weeks later we had a trip booked.

So we waited until almost the last minute to tell the kids. Which resulted in lots of this type of behavior.

And then a couple weeks later we were off to fly. The kids (and Stefanie) did great on the planes both ways. Relatively sure Stefanie whined about her ears more than either of the kids.


We had done a good bit of research on which parks to visit on each day and what rides to hit first so we had ride lists and schedules all ready to go every day and it worked out great. We were able to be done at the parks by 11 or noon each day and then go back to the hotel for naps, swimming, lunch or whatever else we wanted to do without a big crowd. (This web-site is a Disney lifesaver.)


Disney had their Garden Festival going on at Epcot so there were some cool grass statues all over that made good picture opportunities. I tried a decent amount of the world beers throughout the world showcase. Nothing really stuck out though.


We stayed at the Art of Animation family suite and it was really nice. Stef and I had our own room/bathroom so we had privacy away from the kids. Was disappointed in the channel lineup on the tvs though. Disney definitely has a stranglehold on that. No kids entertainment channels like Nick or Cartoon Network, only Disney and Disney XD which are close to the worst. And of course Disney doesn’t even carry Disney Jr. in their own resorts. Makes total sense.

We were in that building in the far back down there. Past all of the Cars characters.
We were in that building in the far back down there. Past all of the Cars characters.

The rides are your typical theme park rides, just Disneyified. There are some highlights though, Toy Story Mania is really fun interactive ride that works great if you are competitive. Space Mountain is a pretty fun coaster as is Rock N Roller Coaster besides the fact it blasts Aerosmith in your ear the entire ride. I don’t think we really missed any rides at all thanks to all our planning.


Here’s a graph of our spending throughout the trip. As you can see, just the room/park tickets/flights are the bulk (81.3 %) of all costs. Food came in at 7% and something as silly as bag check took up 3%. Alcohol came in below budget at 4% because let’s face it, you can never budget enough for that.

graphAnd now here are a few pictures of the over 200 that we took. Yay Family Vacation!

IMG_4978 IMG_4803 IMG_4777IMG_4869IMG_4913 IMG_4646IMG_4715

You don’t know yourself, how could I know you?

So the last blog was on June 18th. Since then I’ve turned 27 which wasn’t much of a thing but Stefanie did make me some delicious cupcakes flavored to be like Blue Moon.

Then Stefanie graduated LPN and got pinned and I am super proud of her!

Then we went down to Clearwater for my brothers wedding where Stefanie and Penelope got all caught up on sleep.

Then we got some time with the saltwater which is just gross.

Kiara found a new pet for a day or so. Believe it or not the leash did work.

Then it was time for the wedding which was fast and quick like all weddings should be.

The kids got to ride a horse which I guess is a big deal if you’re a kid.

We got some good pictures of us and the kids taken over the summer as well.

Which I think brings us up to October which means my wife and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary which is a total shocker to all of us including me. Just kidding. It’s been great and she is great and I’m so happy that is has only been 3 years because that means we have many more years together.

I got to meet a huge inspiration as well. The creator of Pearls Before Swine which I have loved ever since it started showing up in the STL Post. Super nice guy and it was at a bar which is just the best thing ever because that means that I got to spend an awesome night with my wife.

Before Halloween we went to a pumpkin patch to get pumpkins to carve.

We dressed up as the best 4 person group ever for Halloween.

Have you ever wondered what books are on my book shelf? Well now you know. Anything girly is my wife’s.

Then here is some other random pics.

Also, the new Circa Survive album Violent Waves is my pick for album of the year. It’s fantastic.

What if it was true and all we thought was right was wrong?

We went on vacation back at the beginning of August up in Milwaukee. It was a fun time for sure. We stayed at a really nice resort and went to a couple different amusement parks and ate some good food.

Penelope turned one back in September. It continues to amaze me how much she grows everyday. Continue reading What if it was true and all we thought was right was wrong?

No matter what, you can’t say no to me in my dreams.

We went on vacation with my parents a few weeks ago and had a great time. We went to the Dells in Wisconsin. It was nice to get away for sure. If I get time I might post some pictures or something if there are any worth posting.

So since last blog I took a new job with the local cable company here in town. US Sonet. New web-site coming soon. It’s pretty terrible. I’ve been working both jobs to make the switch to the new not as drastic on myself. Makes for long days and really long weeks. Yesterday was the first football game of the year and I was running the Tricaster for it. It’s a lot of shit to have to worry about just to broadcast one game. Switching cameras, score board overlay, going to commercial, instant replays, muting the announcer so you can hear the commercial. Usually on bigger set-ups than this there is one guy in charge of it and then multiple people underneath him that handle each thing, not here. One man show. So I’m not happy with the way a few things looked last night but overall I am. With only two camera’s it’s hard to do much else than switch between them. Next week I think we will be starting new commercials to air during the game’s. And then another game on Friday night. I spent 14 hours at the Studio yesterday so hopefully I get things down a little better and the games won’t drag on as long. For someone who despises football a 3 hour game is forever.

A little sad to be saying goodbye to the grocery business. It’s been mostly good to me and my boss has always been a nice guy to deal with and talk to. I’ve met a crap ton of people and made a lot of friends but when you get a chance to do things you are generally interested in you shouldn’t pass it up.

Also, I’m taking three courses this semester which I haven’t even really looked into yet. Maybe after I get the new job in order I will. It’s just non-stop work right now though. I miss my family like crazy every day. I go home and they are all in bed and I hardly seen them at all that day. Stef goes to school everyday and the girls go to day care so if they aren’t up when I get up then I don’t see them. Yesterday I went home for 45 minutes before the game started and Penelope seemed so happy to be in my arms. As a parent, it makes you feel good and bad all at the same time.

Chicago Trip

Adam and I went to Chicago last weekend to take in a live Bob and David show at the Lakeshore Theatre.  After waiting out in the rain for a half hour later than doors were supposed to open we finally got in and were seated by an usher in the 4th row.  Thanks for that, guy!  No, we didn’t buy 4th row seats but we sure as shit took them like we did!  Here’s the view of the stage from our seats.  But first we had some delicious Chipotle.

Me in my seat.

Continue reading Chicago Trip

Vacation Journal.

For some reason I want to post pictures and other random nonsense for the rest of the internet world to see. All updates will be added to the bottom of the page.. to keep in order.

Day One | Day Two | Day Four | Day Five | Day Six | Day Seven | Day Eight | Day Nine | Day Ten | Days Eleven & Twelve

Click here for all the pics.

Day One (Wednesday)
Jesse Lacey/Kevin Devine/Grace Read @ Off Broadway

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Day Two (Thursday)

Flight from STL to PHX
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Flight from PHX to SAC

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Day Three (Friday)
Got a tour of the base, saw die hard 4 again, and went to a party at the dorms on the base. Saw an angry drunk throw the beer pong table then proceed to stomp on it like it was the devil, another guy piss on some rando’s door, the angry drunk take a piss while flipping hamburgers on the grill, a different guy spray off in his eyes only to wash it out with beer. Sorry I didn’t get pictures of any of that. I was laughing to hard. I did get a picture of the beer pong table though as some girl is tracing another girl’s outline on it.

Day Four (Saturday)
My family showed up today, and Kara! Alston and Jamie took me to a super awesome liquor store that has everything imaginable. I got apple cider beer and it’s delicious. Evan said I smell like sex. Alston plays wow, and he takes pictures of it. haha.
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Day Five (Sunday)
Recover day for my family. Did nothing but play basketball on an awesome incline and then drank a lot.

Day Six (Monday)
Yosemite National Park… is overrated. Kara was sick all day and slept a lot.


Day Seven (Tuesday)
San Francisco is nice enough. Why anyone would ever live there I don’t know. Pier 39 was fun. Lots of shops and what not. Alcatraz. The Golden Gate Bridge was much too foggy for any pictures at all. Saw where the giants play and where Bonds hits all his home runs into the bay. My dad was an assistant for some jugglers street show. He held her up while she juggled fire sticks. And he wore bells for tits and rang them while she juggled.

Day Eight (Wednesday)
Played mini-golf and it was hot hot. Thats all, we leave tomorrow for Vegas.

Day Nine (Thursday)
After a long 11 hours spent in the van we finally make it to Vegas. It looks just like it does on a postcard or tv except a lot more bums. And these aren’t your normal run of the mill drunk bums. Its like they’ve been taking hits of car exhaust all day and then walk around like zombies all night.

Day Ten (Friday)
Why is it when you are at Hoover Dam all you can think about is Clark Griswald? It is ginourmous though.. Nothing compared to the Grand Canyon. Even on a day where fog is all you can see for miles, its still amazing. We are staying in Winslow, AZ tonight.

Days Eleven – Twelve (Saturday-Sunday)
Wow. We went twelve hours in the van (14 with the time change). Drove through half of the hurricane that was left and decided to stop in Hinton, OK. The storm stays on top of us and the power goes out at the hotel. So very little sleep and then we sleep in til 8 and wake up only to find out the storm has flooded half of oklahoma and the interstate is closed. So more waiting and then finally they open them up at almost ten. We go for it and end up making it home after having to drive through the entire storm for a second time. So yeah I’m home now. I miss my sister and brother already. If you are reading this Alston then I have one question for you, why aren’t you playing wow right now?!

Click here for all the pics.