Vacation Journal.

For some reason I want to post pictures and other random nonsense for the rest of the internet world to see. All updates will be added to the bottom of the page.. to keep in order.

Day One | Day Two | Day Four | Day Five | Day Six | Day Seven | Day Eight | Day Nine | Day Ten | Days Eleven & Twelve

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Day One (Wednesday)
Jesse Lacey/Kevin Devine/Grace Read @ Off Broadway

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Day Two (Thursday)

Flight from STL to PHX
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Flight from PHX to SAC

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Day Three (Friday)
Got a tour of the base, saw die hard 4 again, and went to a party at the dorms on the base. Saw an angry drunk throw the beer pong table then proceed to stomp on it like it was the devil, another guy piss on some rando’s door, the angry drunk take a piss while flipping hamburgers on the grill, a different guy spray off in his eyes only to wash it out with beer. Sorry I didn’t get pictures of any of that. I was laughing to hard. I did get a picture of the beer pong table though as some girl is tracing another girl’s outline on it.

Day Four (Saturday)
My family showed up today, and Kara! Alston and Jamie took me to a super awesome liquor store that has everything imaginable. I got apple cider beer and it’s delicious. Evan said I smell like sex. Alston plays wow, and he takes pictures of it. haha.
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Day Five (Sunday)
Recover day for my family. Did nothing but play basketball on an awesome incline and then drank a lot.

Day Six (Monday)
Yosemite National Park… is overrated. Kara was sick all day and slept a lot.


Day Seven (Tuesday)
San Francisco is nice enough. Why anyone would ever live there I don’t know. Pier 39 was fun. Lots of shops and what not. Alcatraz. The Golden Gate Bridge was much too foggy for any pictures at all. Saw where the giants play and where Bonds hits all his home runs into the bay. My dad was an assistant for some jugglers street show. He held her up while she juggled fire sticks. And he wore bells for tits and rang them while she juggled.

Day Eight (Wednesday)
Played mini-golf and it was hot hot. Thats all, we leave tomorrow for Vegas.

Day Nine (Thursday)
After a long 11 hours spent in the van we finally make it to Vegas. It looks just like it does on a postcard or tv except a lot more bums. And these aren’t your normal run of the mill drunk bums. Its like they’ve been taking hits of car exhaust all day and then walk around like zombies all night.

Day Ten (Friday)
Why is it when you are at Hoover Dam all you can think about is Clark Griswald? It is ginourmous though.. Nothing compared to the Grand Canyon. Even on a day where fog is all you can see for miles, its still amazing. We are staying in Winslow, AZ tonight.

Days Eleven – Twelve (Saturday-Sunday)
Wow. We went twelve hours in the van (14 with the time change). Drove through half of the hurricane that was left and decided to stop in Hinton, OK. The storm stays on top of us and the power goes out at the hotel. So very little sleep and then we sleep in til 8 and wake up only to find out the storm has flooded half of oklahoma and the interstate is closed. So more waiting and then finally they open them up at almost ten. We go for it and end up making it home after having to drive through the entire storm for a second time. So yeah I’m home now. I miss my sister and brother already. If you are reading this Alston then I have one question for you, why aren’t you playing wow right now?!

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My Mind’s Not A Well, It Won’t Run Dry.

First things first:
Good Movies: The Lookout, Notes on a Scandal, Hot Fuzz, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theatres, Ocean’s Thirteen
Decent Movies: Planet Terror, Reno 911: Miami, Catch and Release, Knocked Up, Shrek 3, Human Nature, Sicko
Bad Movies: Click, Spiderman 3, Pirates 3, Mr. Bean’s Vacation, The EX, Everything’s Gone Green, Blades of Glory, Black Snake Moan

Any questions leave a comment and I’ll hit it back.

Third things third:
I fell off of the very tip top of my house today. No lie. We are putting on a new metal paneling roof and it started to sprinkle a little. We say okay last screw and then we are done. I step to screw it in and bam. I’m sliding down the roof. Look at the very top point and I slid down that and fell off. It sucks the scaffolding was at the other end otherwise it would have caught me.
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If you notice the fence is pretty much right under neath it but when I was flying off the edge I managed to grab a branch and it didn’t hold me but it kind of made me change directions mid-flight and landed about a foot from the fence.
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I landed on my feet and back. I know that sounds weird but I did. I never saw the ground, I just felt it. It hurt, bad. I don’t know if there is any real damage done. I think I broke my pinky toe. But there is nothing to do about that anyway. I scraped up my arms and back awfully bad trying to stop myself on the roof.
Here’s my back:Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
It sucked. My feet are like non-existant right now. I can hardly walk. Last year two days before my birthday I had to have my appendix emergency surgery removed and this year I fall 16 feet to what I thought for sure would be my broken neck but I’m somehow mostly alright. Why does it happen two days before my birthday every year? I am staying inside from now on June 23rd. It’s worse than Friday the 13th.

Fourth things fourth:
I have been having an awesome time as of late. I went to see alexisonfire last friday with jared in stl and the new creepy sucks but we got to see some fatty puke on herself. Then there was a rocking pool party. And then Jared and I hit up the fall of troy/deftones concert on tuesday and wow it was so fucking good. The deftones will always be one of my favorite bands and this ranks up there with one of my favorite live bands ever. Then Friday night Adam, Tony, and I went to the blues draft party in ladue. Wow. So many people, so little security. I walked to the car 4 times and we ended up with over 20 free pint glasses that night! I love those beer glasses! They are perfect for freezing and using for mugs. Now I have more than I will ever need.

Fifth things fifth:
I finished my fourth script a couple weeks ago. It’s a huge relief. I had been kicking this idea around for nearly a year now and just wasn’t sure if I could pull it all out and make it work right, but I did and I have to say it’s my second favorite script so far. It would be first but I just can’t really dig on the ending too much.. I’m probably over thinking it though. I overanalyze everything. Except horror movies of course.

Last things last:
Adam and I did our first project outside of our own walls. And let’s just say that we started as far away from our comfort zone as possible. A christian? non-profit group that is working on a rehab center for homeless people. We put together a six minute presenation for them using photoshop/imovie/some audio editing program. Would have used final cut but I seriously had only two days to do it in. They should be here to pick it up anytime now. They loved it. I think it’s kinda silly but it’s all about them and they love it so therefore I love it too. Oh and we are getting paid for it. Finally! I think it might be alright to sacrifice my beliefs to be able to work on movies/presentations again. It’s a good thing. Go us.

I think that is all. Seriously I just typed so much shit for all of you. You better comment my ass… hard!

I Guess I’ll Pack Up My Mind

I was reading in Sunday’s Post that every year so many thousand scrips are registered to the guild. It’s crazy to think that I could just be a number somewhere in those thousands. I have to finish the one I’m working on first though. I mean in all reality I will be registering four different ones not just one. So that helps my chances, right? Four different ones – four different genre’s. I hope so. It would suck to work so hard on something that you believe to be good (and some not so good) but then have to nothing to show for it. We’ll see I guess. I need to set a timeframe to have them submitted by then I might fiinish something I’m not proud of. Don’t rush writing. Don’t do it fucker!

Currently just finished “The Series of Unfortunate Events” book series. All right. Nothing special. I wouldn’t have finished it because I got bored but then I was like I might as well.

Holy fuck I sucked so bad at golf today. Easily the worst I’ve ever played. Keep in mind that I’ve played like fifteen times my entire life. But you know golf is one of those things like Ping Pong where it shouldn’t be that hard but it fucking is. And it’s aggravating as shit but what can you do.

I am thinking about taking a train to California this August. Just for something different. I mean planes you don’t get to enjoy anything but clouds. Cars take forever. So maybe you know a train. Maybe but I don’t know. It’s still a long time. Just a change.

And now for the movies:
Good Movies: The Science of Sleep, 300, Breach
Decent Movies: Hollywoodland, Zodiac, Pan’s Labyrinth
Bad Movies: Tenacious D In the Pick of Destiny, Little Children, Tideland, Running With Scissors
Movies that totally let me down: For Your Consideration, TMNT

Check out coconut records. It’s Jason Schwartzman’s solo project and it’s pretty.

And now I think I shall have a drink.

We Will Pretend That It’s All Just Made Up.

Hey all,
Taking a break from editing to say hey. I upped a new picture featuring my hair do that Jen picked out. It’s what it is. I don’t mind it, I just don’t really like standing in the bathroom doing my hair.

Started a new script as well. Twenty-five pages into it. It’s slowly shaping into a story worth reading/watching. The biggest problem with writig/editing/shooting is working full-time. I mean I have to to be able to pay my bills it’s just kind of a bitch because there are things that I need to finish up and get done but there is no time at all. I’ve noticed after working on scripts for I guess two years now. It’s super hard to stay motivated with a story. The first script I wrote that is still pending my approval took over a year to write and I had no idea where I was going with the story. Since then I have had a full synopsis of the story and what I want to happen to certain characters and things like that and it hasn’t taken me more than two months to finish a script. And every once in a while something comes along like a movie I watch or a song that really inpires me to get after it and I’m happy for that. If it wasn’t for those things then I wouldn’t have ever even thought about being a writer.

I went to that blues game where they gave out free food and got fat. It was sweet.

I got three fillings on my front teeth. It was fun not. They gave me like five or six shots to numb it and it hurt like hell. Then he started drilling on my tooth and it hurt like fucking hell. He goes, “How’s that feel?” And I say, “Oh yeah that hurts a lot.” Then he gave me two more shots and that was it. I have three fillings now. And I still have two appointments to go.

I just burnt some new dvds of some nick tv shows from when I was young. Good stuff like Are You Afraid of the Dark Season One, Rocko’s Modern Life Season One, Doug Season One, and also the Andy Show Season One from Mtv. Wow it’s funny how it sets you back and you realize wow are you afraid of the dark had the worst acting ever and how you watch doug and realize that you don’t really relate to any of the stories like you did when you were little but you watch rocko and it’s still funny because it’s so weird anyway.

Good Movies: The Prestige, The Good German, Children of Men.
Decent: This Film Is Not Yet Rated.

See you next month.

Let My Sea Spill Onto Your Shores

So how was everyone’s christmas?

I made out with the superman ultimate box set thing and it’s nice. As well as some other dvds and book. The curb your enthusiasm book is awesome.

Me and some friends got a nice game of hockey on last night. 2 Goals for me out of 4 is not bad at all. We won 4-1.

My sister is home for a few days so that’s cool as long as I get some quality time with her. I have yet to see her though.

(+44) was really good live I would recommend it.

Decent Movies: Rocky Balboa, Night at the Museum, Lady in the Water
Good Movies: The Illusionist, Casino Royale

Two good movies came on dvd this week that I would recommend you to rent: jackass 2 & the descent. Enjoy.

I’m Heaven Sent, Don’t You Dare Forget

I can’t get the advanced blog editor on safari. So I just get the basic crap. Oh wait. No one cares about that.

I got a new haircut. It is short short like short and maybe even a little shorter. I’ll get a pic up one of these days.

I got a ps3 and sold it. Paypal is jerking me around about the money though. But we will come out on top. Eventually.

My blogs are so rediculous and non-specific to anything at all. I just type the most random crap I think of that sort of involve things that are going on in my life and usually leave out about 1/2 of the story because I don’t figure you need to hear it because my personal business.
Like I could tell you that I’m working on a new project and that I think it’s pretty neat. But that is all I would tell you and I wouldn’t mention what the project is and why I think it’s neat and who is involved in it and what not. And also because I am only half way through the book I’m reading right now. So therefore you are only entitled to half of what I have to say.

Anyway I saw brand new on november 1 and it was the bomb diggity. (What the hell did I just type.) For real though. It had been a good while since I had been to a show and this one was so worth the money and everything. Great stuff.

Cute Movie: Little Miss Sunshine
OK Movie’s: Babel – I Fucking Shot That
I didn’t Like: Flushed Away – Shopgirl – Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
Good Movie’s: Borat – Match Point – Lucky Number Slevin – Murderball

On 360 I beat Marvel: Ultimate Alliance & Superman Returns: The Video Game but I just keep getting destroyed on NHL 2K7 online but oh well.

It’s supposed to snow like six inches here overnight. Sweet, I have to work at seven am.

Everyone got their X-Mas lists?