I’m Heaven Sent, Don’t You Dare Forget

I can’t get the advanced blog editor on safari. So I just get the basic crap. Oh wait. No one cares about that.

I got a new haircut. It is short short like short and maybe even a little shorter. I’ll get a pic up one of these days.

I got a ps3 and sold it. Paypal is jerking me around about the money though. But we will come out on top. Eventually.

My blogs are so rediculous and non-specific to anything at all. I just type the most random crap I think of that sort of involve things that are going on in my life and usually leave out about 1/2 of the story because I don’t figure you need to hear it because my personal business.
Like I could tell you that I’m working on a new project and that I think it’s pretty neat. But that is all I would tell you and I wouldn’t mention what the project is and why I think it’s neat and who is involved in it and what not. And also because I am only half way through the book I’m reading right now. So therefore you are only entitled to half of what I have to say.

Anyway I saw brand new on november 1 and it was the bomb diggity. (What the hell did I just type.) For real though. It had been a good while since I had been to a show and this one was so worth the money and everything. Great stuff.

Cute Movie: Little Miss Sunshine
OK Movie’s: Babel – I Fucking Shot That
I didn’t Like: Flushed Away – Shopgirl – Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
Good Movie’s: Borat – Match Point – Lucky Number Slevin – Murderball

On 360 I beat Marvel: Ultimate Alliance & Superman Returns: The Video Game but I just keep getting destroyed on NHL 2K7 online but oh well.

It’s supposed to snow like six inches here overnight. Sweet, I have to work at seven am.

Everyone got their X-Mas lists?

It Was Damn Good Plan.

XBox 360 + NHL 2k7 + 63″ LCD = God’s greatest gift ever!

Another thing I’m going to see Brand New tomorrow! It is going to be off the chain. For real.

I finished another script. The horror movie. Now I started reworking a different one that I had “finished” a while ago. It needs some work since it was the first script I ever wrote. A lot of the dialogue is choppy.

I dressed up as space ghost for halloween so I will put up some pictures of that eventually.

The new season of south park has been pretty lame.
Good Movies: Richard Pryor Live in Concert. Thank You For Smoking.
In-Between Movies: Over the Hedge.
Bad Movies: Slither. Art School Confidential. A Scanner Darkly. The Break-Up. The Baseketball Diaries. The Black Dahlia.

The +44 cd leaked it’s great.
The Prize Fighter Inferno cd is pretty weak though.

Everything Will Not Be Made Right.

I went to a Cardinal’s game and left early and then they came back and won.

The Fear Before cd is amazing as is the dear hunter cd. The new saosin sucks my balls.. and then licks them.

Jackass 2 is sweet and I ate it up. So is the matador.

I’ve wrote almost a whole script since my last update… almost. Getting closer. Page 73. It’s a horror movie. I never thought I would write a horror movie not because I don’t like them but mostly because I just think a lot of them are lame. I like some but most new ones are bad. (Except the descent) So I decided to write one except make it like horror movies of the past where there doesn’t have to be some retarded twist at the end where the audience can leave going wow I never saw that coming. Mine is a straight movie that is built to scare not make you think.. but I am adding elements to where people will be trying to figure out who is doing the killing only to realize that they spent to much time thinking about it and that it was right in front of them the whole time. Stupid ass audiences have no idea anymore.. their all so fucking retarded. They eat whatever the media throws at them. Anyway that’s all you get.. I don’t give out plot points or anything else. Come on you know the deal.

Metalocalypse and Venture Bros. are the shit when speaking of cartoons but for real Lucy the Daughter of the Devil is going to own all here before long.

I moved my turtle downstairs to try and get him some more sunlight. My room is darker than a goth kids journal. And well that doesn’t bid well for Humphrey Beau Turtle.

I’m out I think I’m going to Tony’s to get the shit picked out of me at Guitar Hero. Weak!

Watch Venture Bros!

I can’t get “No One knows” out of my head because of Guitar Hero. It’s lame. But also the most addictive game ever.

I put up a couple pictures onto myspace.

Yesterday I got my toe nail ripped out on both sides because it’s ingrown. It was fun to watch because it was numb so I just got to sit back and watch him go to town on it. But a day later the fucking thing is very painful.

My sister is crazy and I’m not sure what she’s doing but it’s stressing me out.

I started a new script. All you need to know is that I want it to be about 100 pages long when finished. I’m a 1/10th of the way there.

I moved my turtle outside so he could enjoy the rest of summer and now he’s like a wild one again. Everytime someone goes near him he jumps under a rock.

We are building a new back porch and it’s pretty cool so far. My parents already bought furniture for it and it’s not even close to being done.

No I haven’t really seen any good movies lately.. maybe clerks 2 and brick but that’s about it. Talladega Nights is pretty funny too. The bad ones are like every movie except those three which I can’t remember any of right now.

Bye for this month.

And it goes yeah, yeah, yeah

I have now tried six different kinds of beer/lager and so far only corona extra and mich ultra are the only two worth a crap. Care to know the dislikes? Bud Light, Grolsch Blonde Lager, Goose Island 312, and Goose Island Summertime. Vodka is my enemy too.

3 people viewed my blog today. wow. that’s a lot considering it’s a month old.

I have a turtle that is sick, I think? He escaped earlier but I found him crawling on a pair of my shorts about five feet from the tank. He is a fucking daredevil, he fell a good three feet to the ground and kept walking. I wonder if he tucked himself inside his shell about halfway down.

Something great happened last month. I got my appendix taken out. I know it’s not great but really it turned out to be because I wrote an entire script the week I was off work. I need surgery more often I think. 98 pages in 8 days is fucking insane. Anyway I’m all healed up and feeling wonderful.

I have watched the worst movies ever lately: An American Haunting, the Libertine, the Ringer, Pirates of the Caribbean 2. If you liked this movie than you obviously haven’t seen the first one that they took all the jokes from. It sucks cock. Not even Jonny Depp’s cock no it can’t even suck the leading actor’s cock it sucks Orlando Blooms cock and that’s pretty bad. You know how bad if you’ve seen Elizabethtown. The worst movie ever.

I have seen some good ones though: Cars(so so), Clifford(good for a kids movie), Superman Returns is fucking awesome. Go watch it right now because it’s the best movie of the summer. Brian Singer knows how to make a movie. Anyone else checking out Clerks 2 tomorrow? Do it.

I think that’s it.. Did I cover everything this month.. ovies, writing, humphrey, drinking. I think that’s everything. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy recovery and birthday. It’s means a little.